My Google reader bundle
June 3, 2010, 5:17 pm
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View my Google Reader bundle here.

Added a lot of vegetarian sites this time, reciepies, blogs etc. Jamie Oliver’s vegetarian recipie site has some really nice stuff! Shame I’m a rubbish cook!


A reflection…

Three days on from the end of my vegetarian week, what’s changed? What have I learnt? and how has it affected my diet?

A Jessica & Natalie production…

Natalie & I reflect on vegetarian week in this video which has been produced for our Birmingham Recycled article.

My new purchase
May 29, 2010, 3:55 pm
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I’m one of those people that gets mugged into buying ANYTHING.

Would you like a torch in the shape of a pig in which you wind up because it’s on offer today and it’s only 3 pounds?….and it’s pink…


But alas. Its more than a pig torch, it’s an energy saving pig torch!

Made by Dynamo, it has a pump action power in which to power the torch and bright LED bulbs.

Priced at £3 at Tesco.


Not sure what I will use it for, I managed to justify the purchase in my head “but what if you break down, in the middle of a dark forrest, and urgently need a torch… in the shape of a pig?”

And the best bit is… it never needs batteries!

Vegetarian week- day 6

Here is day 6 of my vegetarian week, also included is my tofu stir fry video.

So my conclusions on tofu… if I’m honest, it had no taste, maybe I didn’t cook it correctly, it seemed to absorb the sauce, it had a texture which I guess is similar to meat, but I honestly could not identify a taste!

i do apologise about the quality, it was not like this before I exported it! And I do cut myself off in one scene, I guess I’m still getting used to this video malarki! Hope you enjoy the video anyway, I’m sure all my friends will find it hilarious…

Vegetarian week- day 5

Day 5 of my week being a vegetarian, a quick video update on my progress! Sorry the sound is a mess, I’ve got to get to Sex and The City 2!!!

Vegetarian week- Day 4

My first attempt at a video…